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THC Oil Cartridge CO2 Extract

100% Pure Cannabis Oil

Medical Grade | Lab Tested

A perfect blend of Blue Dream Sativa extracted with CO2 contains no other additives.

Effects of Blue Dream Sativa Extract

Everyone is looking for the perfect strain and combination to medicate.


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100% Pure CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

No Additives

Weight: 0.5 g

THC: 70.21%

CBD: 0.54%

CBN: 0.25%


I was looking for healthier alternative to medicate daily. The flower was too stinky and hard on my lungs. Now, thc oil is my primary choice for medication.

Billy G.

I have tried many CO2 cartridges but most either lack flavor or are not strong enough. These thc refills are perfect flavor and good medication. I love the flavors they have!

Martin L.

I have a family so medicating discreet is very important. I m able to take a few vapes every night to go to sleep instead of sleeping pills that make me drowsy the next day. Glad they created these products. My favorite is Blue Dream.

Jenna S.